Refugee Camp

A symbolic Refugee Camp to raise awareness of refugees and celebrate their contributions to culture and society.

Refugee Camp is an interactive experience that highlights issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and abroad. It also celebrates the history of refugees within UK communities and challenges some of the myths and stereotypes that often lead to prejudice and discrimination.

Camp Team

Refugee Camp will have gone some way towards enhancing community relations and reducing hate crime. Throughout the project I was impressed with the Outsiders professionalism and passion for making the initiative work. They managed to turn an idea into reality into a very short space of time, successfully bringing on side a range of partners.

Louise Cornell, Norfolk County Council


Refugee Camp is divided into seven zones which allude to the requirements of a real refugee camp. The seven zones are:

  • Logistics and Information
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Media and Communication
  • Shelter and Accommodation
  • Health and Medical
  • Records Keeping

Refugee Camp provides and opportunity for organisations to deliver community engagement activities in these zones. Organisations can collaborate and work in partnership, or work in more than one zone with different activities.

In 2013 Refugee Camp was piloted in Norwich City Centre during Refugee Week. The Outsiders conceived the idea and facilitated a wide and diverse community partnership to deliver the event. Partners included British Red Cross (all zones), Norfolk Library and Information Service (Logistics & Information), Norwich Mind (Health & Medical), Norfolk Constabulary (Logistics & Information), Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (Logistics & Information), Norfolk Record Office (Record Keeping), Bridge Plus (Food & Nutrition), BBC Voices (Media & Communication), Future Radio (Media & Communication), ShelterBox (Shelter and Accommodation), Water people (Water & Sanitation).

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Refugee Camp helped to raise awareness of the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers in adapting to life in a new country, and dispel myths and stereotypes often associated with these communities. The Outsiders were able to turn an idea into a workable plan and bring voluntary, public and private sector partners onboard in an amazingly short period of time. What they achieved was inspirational!

Isabel Farrelly, Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service


The Outsiders are currently seeking to develop this project in two ways.

  • To source funding to enable the purchase of display equipment and help us to deliver events in schools and public buildings at low cost throughout the year.
  • To source funding that will enable the purchase of branded marquees and help us deliver events in outdoor spaces in summer, to reach the widest possible audiences.

Refugee Camp was a fantastic success; an effective way of raising awareness of the challenges that refugee and asylum seekers face, helping to dispel myths and prejudices people can have about refugee communities. The Outsiders did fantastic work in turning the ‘Refugee Camp’ idea into a reality, in a short space of time and on a limited budget.

Terry Lee, Future Radio


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